Erap Women Form Working Group

29 Jan 2020

In August 2019, after the livelihoods training in Erap, 10 women have come together and formed a group to start small scale farming from the skills they have learnt.

In a monitoring visit to the community, we met up with Mai, who is the only male in the group who is supervising this group.

Mai told us that, he wanted to gather the women and start a little farm to use the skills that they have learnt during the training.

Thus, this small group was formed and they are looking forward to expanding their farm.

Mai confirmed that women in his community are sole providers for their families and this little farm will be used as a learning ground for the women to use the farming skills.

This group of women have a committee in place and they are keen in growing their farm.

The first lot of vegetables were sold in October and they made an earning of K167 which is kept by the group’s book keeping officer.

Cathy who is 1 of the members of the group told us that, she is excited and said I don’t think I would have utilized the skills I learnt if this group was not formed.

In the group we are motivated to work together, and the first sales that we did is prompting us to do more.

Due to the dry weather recently, we have to walk 2km each day to collect water to water our crops.

Since we are in the group, we have so much fun working on our farm each day she said.

Currently they are growing, tomato, capsicum, lettuce and bulb onion in their farm.

Allie Lui